Plans approved for Jodrell Bank’s Square Kilometre Array headquarters

Permission has been granted for the construction of new headquarters for the international Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project at Jodrell Bank. Cheshire East Council’s strategic planning board has given approval for the £16.5m extension of facilities at the renowned home of the Lovell telescope. Sir Robert McAlpine’s building will provide research and office space for the SKA organisation at it fronts an international bid to build and run the world’s largest radio telescope at connected sites around the globe. Work is to start in December and construction is expected to last around 12 months. When complete, the headquarters will accommodate up to 135 people as the Square Kilometre Array project ramps up over the coming years. The new construction will include a council chamber in which representatives of the inter-governmental organisation’s member states will convene. The chamber will also double as an auditorium for science conferences and public lectures. The SKA Headquarters is funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the University of Manchester with contributions from Cheshire East Council.

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