Electric vehicle charging points

One of our readers, David Moore, has raised the following question: Did we know that Macclesfield is an E.V. (electric vehicle) black spot?
He writes: “Despite the fact that Richard Branson says we will ALL be driving Electric Vehicles within 15 years  (http://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/08/motorsport/richard-branson-formula-e/)  and despite the fact that E.V. have shown the biggest growth in the new car sector.  Macclesfield has NO public chargers.”
“Congleton(x2), Wilmslow(x2), Buxton(X2), Stoke-on-Trent(x10), Sandbach(x4), Stockport(x8) and Manchester(x35) all have chargers.  But Not Macclesfield!!”
“Macclesfield council have seen fit to provide some charging facilities at the back of the Town Hall for their staff only, with no public access!!  I hope they have not used any public money to provide these E.V. charging units for their staff.  I wonder how many Town Hall staff have got an E.V.??”
“Come on Macclesfield do try to keep up.”
Ed: It’s news to me about the town hall charging point, but I reckon it’s a certainty that local council tax payers are footing the bill for any and all town hall staff perks and concessions. Or does someone know different?


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