Ramblers present £10,000 to Great Ridge campaign

Generous ramblers have given a £10,000 boost to a Peak District National Park fundraising campaign.

The South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire Area Ramblers donated the money to the Mend Our Mountains campaign for path repairs to the Great Ridge, between Mam Tor and Lose Hill.

Vice president Terry Howard said: “The Ramblers received a legacy and we thought it appropriate that part of the money should be invested in an area where it would benefit all walkers.

“The Great Ridge is an iconic route, loved by walkers, so it’s fitting that our donation will help to fund vital path repair work.

“There is extra significance in that the Great Ridge leads to Lose Hill, also known as Ward’s Piece, after George Herbert Bridges (GHB) Ward, founder of the Clarion Ramblers which campaigned for public access to the moorland areas of the Dark Peak.”

The Great Ridge project is part of the Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign, led by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and involving all UK National Parks.

As part of the campaign, the Peak District National Park has fundraising targets of £140,000 for the Great Ridge and £70,000 for repairs to Cut Gate Bridleway on the Derwent moors.

Peak District National Park chief executive Sarah Fowler said: “This amazingly generous donation from the South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire Area Ramblers has given our Great Ridge campaign a fantastic boost.

“The Great Ridge is one of the most popular walks in the Peak District National Park, combining both spectacle and accessibility. Every donation we receive helps to care for our National Park for future generations.”

Peak District National Park access and rights of way manager Mike Rhodes added: “This campaign is an opportunity for people who enjoy these popular paths to understand and contribute towards the costs of maintaining them.

“Popular paths become worn quickly and the weather can reduce a good path to a boggy mess very quickly. This can have impacts on the wider landscape and wildlife habitats. By helping towards the financial costs of maintenance, people will know that by doing so they are ensuring that the landscapes and habitats are protected for everyone to enjoy. This donation from the Ramblers really shows how much this means to them.”

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