Hedgehogs are thriving in Macclesfield

Since opting to go the organic route for ridding our garden of slugs and leaving food out for hedgehogs they’ve become regular visitors.

On one occasion we were amazed to see four hedgehogs feeding in our small back garden in Macclesfield. It was possibly the mating season as they appeared to be two pairs.

Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared so hadn’t the necessary kit to hand to record the event. I’m now staking the garden out every evening hoping to catch them together again.

If you’re interested in making life better for our prickly friends the first thing you must do is stop putting out slug pellets – they’re lethal for hedgehogs. Then take a look at http://www.ilovemacc.com/2018/04/20/hedgehog-awareness-week/ and follow the links.

Do what you can to make our town hedgehog friendly.

Images ⓒ Granville Sellars 2018

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