Apple phishing email

This email has just reached our desktop – and it’s a phishing attempt – and a quite plausible one.

Of major concern in that a correct name appeared within the message.

If you’re an Apple user and you receive a message like this check that 1/ it’s come into the email address you use for your Apple account; 2/ look for the inevitable spelling errors and poor grammar; 3/ hover your cursor over the hotlinks – these will show where you will be connected – and it won’t be Apple.

Please share this with anyone who uses Apple devices.



Dear (your name),

We apologize for the inconvience our company is involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.The data stolen from our servers was detailed enough for Cambridge Analytica to create psychographical profiles of the subjects of the data that includes the locations of each person.Our government decided to implement the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in all areas of operation and not just the EU.

In order for us to protect your data being used in political causes we ask you to click on the link bellow, to update your information, to be moved on the new servers quicker.

You can do that by simply clicking here.

If you do not update your information your account will be limited until we move all the data to our new servers, of the customers that update their information.


This message is sent to the users we believe to be affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and with your help, by updating your information the problem will be solved quicker.

Thank you,
Apple Team


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