The Floyd Effect – last night at the Opera House

I’ve been a Floyd fan since witnessing their first incarnation at the Tabernacle in Stockport circa 1967.

Of course that was long before Dave Gilmour joined the band – when Syd Barrett ruled supreme – but over the years my love of their music has increased – to the point that any trip abroad means boarding the aircraft, donning the headphones, then immersing myself in PULSE for the duration of the flight.

Over the years I’ve also seen any number of excellent tribute bands, some of them acclaimed as ‘the best in the world’. And, each one I’ve seen has fired me up with individual but generally note-perfect interpretations of some of the Floyd’s most mind-blowing tracks.

Last night at Buxton Opera House I saw, heard and was totally blown away by The Floyd Effect – and what an effect they had on me and everyone else in the packed auditorium.

Several tracks from the Division Bell album – followed by a couple of ‘greatest hits’ in the first session – followed by the entire Dark Side of the Moon and a couple more ‘hits’ including Another Brick in the Wall and Wish You Here left me totally breathless in admiration of the band’s musicianship and vocal skills.

It would be unfair to single out individual members of the band as they were all sensational, but virtuoso performances from Mark Horgan dominated the evening – and the sensational lighting effects transformed a musical evening into an assault on the visual senses.

If the Floyd Effect return to Buxton book your tickets early – it’s going to be a sell out!

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