Motorists urged to prepare for winter

With the darker nights drawing in and colder weather arriving, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging all motorists to ensure that their vehicles are ready for winter.

To help motorists prepare for the weather ahead, firefighters will be carrying out free safety checks on cars as part of their continuing campaign for safer roads in Cheshire.

Frances Egerton, one of the CFRS’ Road Safety Officers, said: “It’s important to be prepared in case bad weather strikes. Engaging with drivers across Cheshire to advise them on safer driving in wintry conditions is an important part of our road safety campaigning and our drive to reduce the number of road traffic collisions. I’m hoping that people will take the time to have their cars checked by our crews and take away some helpful information.”

As part of the checks, firefighters will be checking tyres for any bulges or defects, as well as the tyre depth. They’ll also be showing drivers how to check their oil and water levels, and explaining the importance of maintaining them.

Frances added: “As well as attending one of our events, there are a number of simple steps that all motorists can take to help ensure that their vehicles are ready for the winter weather, including:

  • Examining your tyres – they should be in good condition, have plenty of tread and be set at the correct pressure
  • Checking your wipers and ensuring that all your lights are working
  • Keeping you screenwash as full as possible and using the correct additives
  • Ensuring your car windows and mirrors are clean – it is always handy to keep a cloth in your car
  • Checking your oil levels
  • Adding anti-freeze to the radiator and winter additive to windscreen washer bottles.

“Once the winter weather arrives it’s also advisable to keep a winter weather pack in your car, just in case. This should include a mobile phone charger, some warm clothing, screen de-icer, a torch, a drink and some food – that way you’ve always got everything you need should the worst happen.”

The first winter weather safety checks event is taking place at Morrison’s Supermarket on Dunwoody Way in Crewe between 11am and 1pm in Sunday 7 October.

Further events are planned over the coming weeks, to find out your local checks are taking place visit , check out or follow @Cheshire Fire on Twitter.

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