The perfect map for planning a pub crawl

Steve Lovell, 44, from Leeds confesses to working in a dull environment in a mobile call centre – but come home-time he heads for the easel where he turns his hand to map making.

Not just any map – but local pub maps – all drawn in the style of the London Underground map created by Harry Beck – but named Orderarounds!

Steve Lovell’s Macclesfield Orderaround

Having seen Macclesfield’s infamous Macc Lads band performing in Leeds he decided to visit the town and create a poster of all the pubs and bars in and around Macclesfield.

Steve told ilovemacc “Although the map is mostly pubs and bars it also includes places like restaurants and hotels that have decent bar areas, but no clubs of any kind. There are 61 places on the Macclesfield map, which adheres to a boundary of a couple of combined Macclesfield wards.”

Steve had a few photos taken of his A3 sized map whilst visiting Macclesfield with the first copies – which he sells from his website for £12.50 including delivery.

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