Latest phone scam!

We’ve been receiving an increasing number of BT scam/phishing calls recently on our landline.

Previous ones have involved someone at the other end – usually from the Asian sub-continent – telling us they’ve detected problems with my computer/broadband/wifi, et al.

We’ve concluded the best way to respond is to ask them 1. what number they’ve called – they’re unlikely to have this to hand or 2. What is the name and address of the account holder?

I reason that if they are calling from BT they’ll know who they’re calling.

The latest was a recorded message, advising us that our broadband was about to be terminated – and we should hit either 1 or 2 on our phone keypad.

We’re assuming one or both would call some number in Timbuktu that would rack up a huge bill so we just put the receiver down – before logging onto to report a scam call.

If you know someone elderly or vulnerable please advise them not to respond or be drawn into any of these types of call.

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