White Peak distillery keeps National Park rangers safe

Peak District National Park rangers are being given a helping hand to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic – from a Derbyshire distillery.

White Peak Distillery has teamed up with the Peak District National Park Foundation to donate hand sanitiser for rangers who have been hard at work in the national park throughout the crisis.

The Ambergate-based distillery usually produces artisan whisky and gin. But, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, it has diversified into producing hand sanitiser for workers who have been unable to get hold of any, due to a global shortage.

The distillery team has used its resources and know-how to produce a hand sanitiser to support those working on the front line and in essential jobs. Over a thousand litres of alcohol destined for gin has been diverted to production of the Team Spirit hand sanitiser.

Max Vaughan from White Peak Distillery says: “The Covid-19 situation in the UK has touched just about everyone in the country in one form or another and it has been a difficult time for lots of businesses, including ours.  It’s also brought about many acts of human kindness and we felt we wanted to do our bit by responding to the well-publicised shortages for front line workers. We’ve diverted some of our distilling resources and alcohol and we’ve agreed to donate hundreds of litres of hand sanitiser to front line workers, including the Peak District National Park rangers.”

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Peak District National Park rangers have continued to patrol the National Park to make sure it is safe for people to get their daily exercise.

Jen Lowthrop, chair of the Peak District National Park Foundation, said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to the team at White Peak Distillery for their generous donation and support for front line workers, including National Park rangers.

“Rangers have been working hard throughout the crisis to look after the national park and help to keep people safe during these difficult times.”

To find out more about the work of the Peak District National Park Foundation, please visit www.peakdistrictfoundation.org.uk

For more information about White Peak Distillery, please visit https://www.whitepeakdistillery.co.uk/shop/

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