Resident complains over Picturedrome

Catherine Street resident, Andrew Downes has written in regarding The Picturedrome.

Mr Downes writes: “The development has applied for planning permission 20/4733M which is an application for retaining items built in contravention of planning approval 18/3665M.

“These major changes were attempted to be approved in planning application 19/5238M NON MATERIAL MINOR AMENDMENT which you comments were much appreciated.

“The ventilation fan noise assessment on application 20/4733M is very concerning as it was not tested to its full capacity and the mothodology was approved by Brenda Lomas Cheshire East council Environmental Officer.

“This is reliant on management and staff keeping the fans on the lower settings and their track record todate at the development is shoddy putting it mildly! Also regarding 20/4738M they have applied for a variation in delivery times bringing them forward to 07:30am 24/7.

“After the Enforcement Officer Rachel Anderson told the owners of the Development if deliveries to the development continued prior to 08:00am they could be served with enforcement action. They have been in breach of delivery times since opening to the public.

“And within a week of being ask to stop the out of hours deliveries their response was to apply for the change! As I’m sure you are aware the deliveries take place in the heart of the residential homes on Catherine Street between numbers 10 & 14 where the entrance to the rear service yard is.

“Unfortunately I haven’t given you much notice as the last date for submitting comments is noon 01/12/20.”


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