Local hiker’s walking routes

Local hiker, Tom Read, regularly used to travel to the Peak District, Wales and the Lake District with his family to enjoy countryside walks.

Faced with the Covid-19 restrictions the 50 year-old Merebrook Road resident has come up up with over 20 routes around Macclesfield for people to enjoy within the regulations – which mean any exercise should be taken locally.

Tom’s come up with 24 circular routes – between 4km to 20km – many of which begin on the Weston Estate.

Tom said: “In the first lockdown, when exercising from your home was recommended instead of unnecessary travel, I began seeking out routes and paths from my front door on the with no car journeys involved.

“I found some previously unknown but delightful public footpaths, and began chaining them together to make routes, including 13 that start on the Weston and others that require a car journey of no more than 20 minutes.

“I’ve done a couple every week with my wife in Macclesfield but there’s a principle there, you can devise these walks from wherever you live.”

Tom, married to Marianne, was brought up on walks with his parents in the countryside around Macclesfield and has passed this love on to his sons Jimmy, 25, and Liam, 22.

He and Jimmy even take a transmitter to broadcast and communicate from summits with other radio fans.

And while this is not currently possible, Tom, who works as a maths teacher and musician, says it is still important to get out for exercise.

He said: “Without getting out for exercise I would struggle, it is important for physical and mental health.”

To see Tom’s routes visit www.tomread.co.uk.

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