LLoyds Credit Card scam

If you receive a text message from Lloyds Bank – it may not be from Lloyds.

The message sent reads something like:

LLOYDS: A payment was attempted from a NEW DEVICE on 20/03 at 14:51:18. If this was NOT you, please visit: https://lloyds.device-verify-activity.com/

Needless to say it’s not from Lloyds Bank – it’s a scam – and clicking on the link will take you to a scam/phishing website.

To be sure – always log onto your bank account through your computer or phone – but DON’T use any hotlink provided. Key in the URL you usually use. If there has been any unusual activity you will be informed here.

If you’re unsure telephone the bank’s helpline – again, from the number you hold (not a hotlink in any message) and check with the bank.

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