Safe Space for domestic abuse victims

Macclesfield’s HSBC UK branch has launched a Safe Space within its Castle Street branch for victims of domestic abuse.

Macclesfield’s MP, David Rutley, went along to visit the Space to see first-hand how it plans to offer support. 

David was told by local director, Geoff Jones, how the Safe Space initiative was launched by domestic abuse charity, Hestia, part of its UK “Say No More” Campaign.

Following a pilot study in Southampton, HSBC UK joined with the charity in rolling out the initiative across all of its sites in the UK.

The campaign aims to increase the availability of specialist and professional support for victims – providing a discrete space for victims to phone a helpline, contact a support service or talk to a friend or family member. 

All the staff within HSBC’s branch have completed the national training programme and are ready to assist those in need.

HSBC UK in Macclesfield are situated 12 Castle Street and are open Monday – Friday, 9:30am till 4:30pm. 

In Macclesfield, domestic abuse and violence against women is a top priority for Cheshire Police who are working hard to prevent and tackle these appalling crimes.

Speaking after the meeting, David said, “It is essential that those experiencing domestic abuse and violence have a space they can go to for support and advice. Safe Spaces can be a lifeline for these victims, and I am very pleased to see this initiative in our local HSBC UK branch. I hope anyone struggling through a challenging time will seek guidance and receive the help they need.”

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