Elaf set to reopen next week

Following the vandal attack – which necessitated closure and extensive repairs – one of Macclesfield’s favourite restaurants is set to re-open.

We’re advised Elaf will reopen next Tuesday, 9th August.

Elaf’s website should be up and running some time tomorrow (Friday) to enable bookings to be made.

It’s likely that demand for a table will be high – so if you don’t want to be disappointed get your bookings in as soon as possible.

With regards to the vandal(s) responsible for the damage, which led to the restaurant being closed for several weeks, we understand Macclesfield police continue with their investigations.

Bearing in mind the restaurant is just around the corner from Macclesfield Police Station – and the existence of all the cctv in Macclesfield – it’s hard for us at ilovemacc to understand why someone hasn’t already been apprehended and charged.

Maybe it’s not seen as a priority?

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