Macc manager and assistant step down

Macclesfield FC manager David McNabb and assistant Tim Lees have stepped down just a month into the job.

It’s the second time this season that the Silkmen have lost their manager and no one could have seen this coming.

This latest departure however was straight after a 4-0 hammering of Ramsbottom United, confirmed an hour after the final whistle.


Macclesfield FC can confirm that Manager David McNabb and Assistant Manager Tim Lees have stepped down from their roles following this afternoon’s game against Ramsbottom United.

Both David and Tim have taken this difficult decision in the best interests of the Football Club, as their work demands have meant that they no longer feel that they can devote the necessary time to our promotion push.

David and Tim will be incredibly hard to replace and we would like to thank them for all their efforts most sincerely.

Both individuals are fantastic people and their work ethic is second to none.

They will be sorely missed by us all and we wish them both every success in the future.

Interviewer: Well, David, first of all, let’s start with today’s game, which we all did remarkably well to get on, given the weather.

DM: Yeah, I think to start with, massive thanks to all the volunteers who came down pretty horrific conditions and put themselves on the line and get up there and clear the pitch. It was a massive effort by everyone. So much of thank you to for that.First and foremost for me and everyone at the club.

Interviewer: Real team effort, wasn’t it? But what did you make of the game itself?

DM: Thought we were really, really good, a few little things that could have been better. But overall first half, thought we were very good. Probably should have been a little bit more comfortable at half time, but we came in, the lads have tweaked a few little things that we talked about at halftime. And second half was just absolutely sensational times. We broke the lines, we got players running off, movement off the ball, running ahead of the board it was just frightened to watch. And four nil, I think we fully deserved the results and the performance was excellent.

Interviewer: Last week you said that you weren’t happy with elements of our application, particularly during the first half at Colin’s Content. Do you think that you got a reaction today?

DM: Massive reaction, and I don’t expect any less from that group. It’s a group of not just fantastic players, but brilliant people as well. And look, last week’s performance in the first half hit us here’s, all of us, and I think today we’ve shown what we’re capable of and it was a top class performance by everyone.

Interviewer: Do you think that the condition still played the part in the game, particularly in that first half, where it was almost relentless now it wasn’t potentially.

DM: Potentially. I mean, look, it’s always difficult, it makes it a little bit more slippy the surface, a little bit more difficult to control the ball. But in some ways I think that suits us in terms of trying to play quick football, quick combination play. So glad dealt with the conditions, absolutely no complaint. Deal with the conditions whatsoever.

Interviewer: Slight delayed at the interval. To what extent do you think that that accurately reflected the balance of play at the time?

DM: I thought we could have been at least at a second one. I thought we controlled and dominated the first half. We played at that half for pretty much long spells. Majority of the game was played in their half. We were just waiting for the opening. Maybe the final ball wasn’t quite good enough. I think that was the main difference between the first and the second half. But luckily, Rami and the lads had to fight for the lives and they were really well organized first half, and I think second half, we just broke them down a little bit more efficiently.

Inerveiwer: To what extent do you think that the timing of James Berry’s goal, which is important.

DM: We’ve talked about this before. We said, like, sort of it’s not just goals that change games, the time and the goals that look to come out and score. So everything I think it was are ally, really important one for us. And, you know, we got a little bit fortunate in terms of the way it came about, but the way he took the goal was really good and just about got over the line at the end. Really good goal at an important time.

Inerviewr: Two further strikes followed the course. But to what extent you think that we seta benchmark with our performance in that second period?

DM: It was everything that we’ve talked about around.We’ve had some, obviously, since we came in, some really good performances, some not so good ones.The key for me is trying to get that consistency and I think today we showed it pretty much for the full 90 minutes.

Interviewer: Would you say that in terms of half of football, that was your best since joining the club?Think so, yeah, I think so. Just look like you’re playing with freedom and a smile on the face and excited people get the supporters off the season. That’s what we all want to see.

Interviewer: Which brings to you the decision which itself and Tim have made. Step down for your roles. Tell us a little bit about your ass now behind that.

DM: So it’s been an unbelievable experience for both of us. Obviously, they have trained something that’s new to me. Tim hasn’t done it for a while, since he was a pro club work commitments and a work opportunities come of that, alongside some of the other challenges that we’ve been facing. It’s just meant that it’s probably the right time now to step down and hand the sort of the ship over to somebody else to steer. I absolutely love the last five, six weeks. It’s an unbelievable football club. I want to thank people that everyone involved at the club, rob, Robbie, for the opportunity you give me, forever everyone in the office, all the volunteers and most importantly, the supporters and the players, it’s been a truly remarkable experience and one I’ll never forget.

Some of the fans comments:

@LRbix: One of the strangest decisions of the season so far with John Askey leaving York City.

@mark_murrayalty: Joke club

@Adam_Allcroft: What is going on here

@CablesNation: 2 managers sacked whilst top of the league 

@LancsIron: ha that went well for @thesilkmen. Did they lose today? is Jamie Verimallo going to turn up their after leaving Buxton?

@2605NI: They’re at it again??

@Tom_Bason: Get your CVs written…

@Browny_90: I wonder where a certain John Askey is going…

@JackHud372727: Ermmmm 

@ollyashtxn: Wtf

@silkmenarmy: Good god what has happened here then???? 

@JSU1993: Bring back Sir John Askey.

@LinnetsTVJack: Embarrassing yet again 

@wenham_aaron: Hope these go bust and never come back. Horrible club

@JamesBrownEFC: Working for Savage would piss me right off tbf

@huyton97_: Embarrassing club 

@fred_mitch1874: What a shambles 

@jhbuckett: Non league club thinking they are big time joke of a club, should of stayed bust!

@Stevenbfc: That didn’t last long

@JoeBiddle3: Sack savage he’s the problem

@Johnboy1115: The return of John Askey…..maybe?

@nchubb0507: What the hell is going on here? 

@SiRussell1985: Just resign from the league already and save us all the circus 

@ben90727971: so they’ve been sacked but you are too scared to say?

@kieronw13042742: clown club

@MattyPlasterer: Blimey must have wanted a 5v0 win

@robsidnee: They have heard buxton job up for grabs

@DMCavallo: Please  interview Steve Cunningham @RobbieSavage8, don’t appoint anyone fast this time, please make sure you have someone that can get those guys playing when the chips are down. Steve Cunnigham should get a shout, even if its on a temporary basis

@ProgressiveAJ: Should never have got rid of Whitaker. Ridiculous decision by Savage.

@riggers9: what an ungrateful bunch of wankers you actually are

@daniel14f1: What the f**k?!

@MiddyRed68: Sad to see good non league football people getting chewed up and spat out by the Robbie Savage circus 

@mozzerjnr: fucking hell still not as much of a circus as Bury FC lads!

@Lannehannon: Very proud of you @davidmcnabb82 & Tim always remain steadfast to your own believes !!!

@beaubrookes_: something has clearly happened behind the scenes surely! we’ve literally just won 4-0 

@shippo_podcast: Well this decision wet well. I hope this doesn’t go the same way for us too #ycfc

@adam_BRFC: I wonder who the problem is here?  can’t think at all

@MarcFre27799791: Sounds like it’s going tits up at Macclesfield. Are they going to be the next Watford of Non League Football

@RHVlogs_: air play to David and Tim, both seem like good guys but if they can’t commit to the demands of a promotion push then there’s not much Macclesfield can do. The game against Clitheroe next weekend is even bigger now!

@glossopreg: Well why did they accept the job in the first place. They new what the obvious aims were.

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