The Chair of the 2023 Barnaby Festival writes . . .

Above image ⓒ George Morrison, Flownmix

“2023’s Barnaby Festival on 17-18 June 2023 was joyous

“The weekend’s events showcased Macclesfield’s creativity and community spirit as people lined the streets to see the Parade and take in the Community Art Trail.

“We were overwhelmed by contributions to both elements of the festival as we rebuild Barnaby’s connection with the people of Macclesfield: this being our first in person festival since 2018.

“The parade was led by the Macclesfield Community Artspace team, alongside the mayor of Cheshire East Cllr Rod Fletcher and Macclesfield Town Council Mayor Cllr Christopher Wilcock.

“Handmade floats created with Macclesfield Artspace via creative outreach workshops responded to the theme of “In a New Light” flooded the festival route including a Blue Tit from Save Danes Moss, young people from Park Royal Primary School transformed into a walking rainbow, with Tytherington High school High School and the Pearls of Cheshire joining forces to bring audiences a taste of Africa.

“The arts community in Macclesfield has shown its strength, with numerous independent and collaborative events taking place over the weekend.

“We are so proud to have worked with fantastic organisations such as Macc Art Space, Christ Church  and the Silk Museum to make this year’s festival a success.

“The festival truly wouldn’t have been possible without the volunteers who have given their time creatively, logistically and in spreading the word for Barnaby – an organisation run entirely by a volunteer Board of Trustees. 

“Perhaps most importantly, through the Listening Tent, we were able to speak to the people of Macclesfield to hear their memories of past festivals, what is important to them when it comes to arts and culture in Macclesfield and what we can develop further as a festival.

“We are proud to have brought Barnaby back to the people of Macclesfield, and are so excited about the future of what is possible when people come together creatively in the town.” 

Above image ⓒ George Morrison, Flownmix
Above image ⓒ George Morrison, Flownmix
Above image ⓒ George Morrison, Flownmix
Above image ⓒ George Morrison, Flownmix
Above image ⓒ George Morrison, Flownmix

See the report with more images of the parade from ilovemacc at

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