Stricken swan rescued

An injured swan was rescued from a lake at Capesthorne Hall after a fishing hook became embedded in its neck.

The swan was close to being suffocated as its airways were blocked, leaving it struggling to breathe.

The bird was taken by an RSPCA officer to a specialist vets 70 miles away in Lytham St Annes.

The RSPCA say the hook had pierced the swan’s neck and caused a ring of swelling which had nearly blocked his trachea.

The hook and part of a fishing line were successfully removed and the swan was later safely returned to its habitat.

The fishing hook had caused a ring of swelling which had nearly blocked its trachea.

Fishing officials had been trying to catch the injured swan, which lives on the lake with a mate and two cygnets, for about three weeks.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Sonia Hulme said: “This poor bird had been struggling like this for several weeks

“He sounded really wheezy and was struggling to breath.”

The RSPCA said nearly half its litter-related call-outs were down to animals which had been caught in fishing tackle.

Ms Hulme added: “Although most anglers are responsible and do clean up after themselves, fishing litter is still a major problem and it can be so damaging to wildlife.”

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