A cool Yule at Tatton

The Yuletide Festival, a seasonal treat for all the family, is simply sensational,

The festival runs until 23rd December, but we suggest you book tickets now – as once word gets around how good it is – there may be a limited supply.

Wrap up warm, listen and maybe even sing

Make sure you wrap up warm – then sit around a campfire, listen to campfire stories and toast a few marshmallows.

Fire jugglers and a dance marquee help to raise your temperature whilst food and drink vendors keep the insides warm.

Say hello to Ursa Minor . . .
. . . and Jolbock the Yule goat

A walk around glittering light trail through Tatton’s gardens will leave you stunned and smiling at the illuminated installations, interactive light effects, illuminated puppets and interacting costumed characters.

Tatton garden bridge as you’ve never seen it before

The creativity of the artists and designers is simply jaw-dropping – creating such wonders as the winter witches who’ve captured the moon and sun, shapeshifting snow hares that play tricks on passers by and the sensationally realistic bears – Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

Csodaszarvas, the miraculous dear
The Japanese garden in a new light
Ursa Major

Louhi stole the sun and moon

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