Macclesfield to Japan in search of silk

Renowned Macclesfield historian Dorothy Bentley Smith recently visited Japan promoting Macclesfield’s silk links.

On her return she met with local MP, David Rutley, to discuss her visit which will form part of the research for her forthcoming book. 

Dorothy informed David she discovered that Thomas Unett Brocklehurst, whose family ran a Macclesfield silk concern in the nineteenth century, visited Japan and the silk districts in Honshu during a world tour. This prompted Dorothy to follow in the footsteps of Mr Brocklehurst, whilst catching up with long-term friends in Japan.

During Dorothy’s trip she interviewed four professors at several significant silk sites including the Tomioka Silk Museum, which has World Heritage status.

Each professor was gifted a copy of Dorothy’s Macclesfield tour guide, a leaflet and bookmark from the Macclesfield silk museum and a copy of her research so far on Japanese silk. 

Dorothy’s journey included visiting several temples, silk producing businesses and the harbour of Yokohama. Dorothy anticipates that all of her research will be included in another book in connection with the Silk Road, entitled ‘In Search of Silk’. This will focus on her travels in China, Uzbekistan, India, Turkey and Japan.

Dorothy is determined that Macclesfield will be given its rightful place on the world map for silk.

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