One Project Ukraine

One Project Ukraine group organisers Jeanette and Craig Rice invited local MP, David Rutley to highlight the work they’ve been doing.

One Project Ukraine started in 2022, supporting Ukrainian families moving into the Macclesfield area, through sourcing items to make their transition smoother. This included furniture, clothing and bikes for children.

The group also focused on sending much needed aid to families on the front-line in Ukraine. 

Delivering this vital aid remains the key priority for the group and regular packages are sent in transit to Ukraine. The Spring/Summer donation list has recently been finalised and Jeanette and Craig set out to David the key items they are asking for donations of, such as: first aid kits, plasters, tinned food and men’s clothing.

Most Ukrainian families in the area have settled into their own accommodation, but still remain part of a close group, in frequent contact and attending a variety of events One Project Ukraine organises. These include Saturday coffee mornings at St Michaels Church in Macclesfield and cultural events to show support for refugees from Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan which are organised in partnership with Refugee’s Welcome.  

The Spring/Summer donation list, as well as information on the group’s events can be found here, or by emailing, 

Speaking after the meeting, David said “One Project Ukraine has provided much needed support and a warm welcome to Ukrainian families moving into our local area. Their community events continue to draw in many participants as they are accessible and welcoming. The group’s commitment to outreach work through sending supplies directly to Ukraine is a scheme they should be proud of, and I would urge local residents to graciously donate to this great cause.”

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