Henry’s ‘daft’ walk to Ibiza

Macclesfield plasterer, Henry Moores, is trekking more than 1,400 miles on foot from England to Ibiza for charity.

He said he always wanted “to do something a bit daft in my younger years”.

Henry set off with just a backpack from the centre of Manchester.

Henry has already made his way through England and France on his walk to the Spanish island, having setting off from Manchester in April. 

The 22-year-old has raised more than £50,000 for a foundation set up to support vulnerable children by the parents of nine-year-old double amputee, Tony Hudgell.

Mr Moores, who has been gaining popularity on social media after posting videos of his journey, said there was “no way I’m not having a pint” when he finally arrives in Ibiza.

Speaking from an isolated town in the mountains of Catalonia, he told BBC Radio Manchester that “everything’s in pain, but you sort of get used to it”.

He aims to finish the 1,491 mile (2,400 km) journey in 60 days, having already walked through two countries, but took a day off for his birthday in Barcelona. 

Henry said mosquitoes and the language barrier have proved challenging at times.

“I had a few people recognise me [there], which I thought was nuts. Some English lady went, ‘Are you the guy walking to Ibiza?'”

At a hostel in the city centre, he said a group from Belgium also recognised him from his social media videos of his challenging journey, which has been made tough at times by mosquitoes and language barriers.

Nine-year-old Tony Hudgell, from West Malling in Kent, had both legs amputated after being abused as a baby by his parents.

Mr Moores has already surpassed his fundraising goal of £50,000 for the Tony Hudgell Foundation, which he described as a “real special charity”.

It is named after nine-year-old Tony Hudgell, from West Malling in Kent, who had both legs amputated after being abused as a baby by his parents.

The foundation was set up by Tony’s adoptive mother, Paula Hudgell OBE, to help children affected by physical, emotional or psychological abuse.

She said the charity was “honoured” to be chosen by Mr Moores, who she described as “truly incredible”, adding his walking feat would “inspire so many people”.

Mr Moores has just under two weeks of walking left before he reaches his destination. 

He said he was “so lucky to be doing what I am doing”, while “having a good laugh along the way and meeting lots of new people”.

“It can get hard, but I know it’s just a test, and it’s only going to strengthen me further in my life.”

He said he “100% plan’s to party” when he gets to Ibiza.

Harry messaged beach-club owner Wayne Lineker on Instagram pledging that if he replied, he would then lace up his boots and he’d set off – and to his surprise the club tycoon responded.

Lineker posted a video of the pair at his London home where he pledged his support for Henry and promised to meet him in Ibiza to end the walk at his club.

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