BT Scam – don’t let them reel you in


If you receive on of these – the first thing you do is look at the amount, the second thing you do is freak out.

How can your bill be so high?

Simple, it can’t – it’s a scam – a phishing expedition looking to hook some poor unfortunate. The hotlinks embedded within the email will take you to places you don’t want to go.

Make sure any vulnerable friends or relatives who use email are made aware of this.


Your bill is ready to view

Your bill amount is £ 797.70. This doesn’t include any amounts brought forward from any other bills.

You can download the bill but it can take up to 48 hours before it’s available. If it’s not there yet, don’t worry; just try again in a couple of days.

How to pay

You can pay online by debit or credit card. Make sure you have your bank account details and BT account number with you.

Having an online account makes paying your bills simpler and you’ll be able to access it any time you like. If you haven’t already, sign up online.

Direct Debit
A simple and convenient way to pay all your bills. Set up a Direct Debit

Over the phone
You can call our automated payment service 24 hours a day.

Lines are open 24/7

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