Hosepipe ban called off

United Utilities have called off the hosepipe ban – scheduled to come in on August 5th.

A spokesman said: “The recent rainfall has gone some way to helping with water supplies and together with your water saving efforts means we do not need any restrictions at this time.”

“Our leakage teams have also been working 24 hours a day to locate and repair as many leaks as possible and we’ve also been moving water around the region to ensure water supplies have not been interrupted during the recent hot weather.”

“However, most of our reservoirs are still lower than we’d like them to be at this time of year and we need a lot more rain to return them to healthy levels. That’s why we still need your support to help avoid any restrictions in the future. If possible, please avoid using hosepipes and sprinklers in the garden as they use more water in one hour than a family of four will use in a day. Remember, every drop helps save a lot.”

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