East Cheshire Trust – is your Gender Unknown or Indeterminate?

There’s been no doubt in my mind, for several years, that the lunatics have really taken over the asylum.

And before the snowflakes out there start to wet themselves – I sympathise with anyone that suffers with mental health issues – I’m one of them.

I also have any number of gay/trans friends – who know I have zero tolerance – for any sort of intolerance. In fact intolerance is possibly the one and only issue I’m intolerant of.

Now, someone I know has been completing the East Cheshire NHS Trust MyCareView registration – which shares your medical information with authorised organisations and/or individuals.

One of the easiest questions should be the one relating to gender.

However, in their wisdom and no doubt with the approval of an NHS Diversity and Equalities executive, who’s likely earning around two or three times the salary of a nurse, the following question is deemed appropriate:






You really couldn’t make it up.

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