Bridgend Centre is Bridging Social Isolation

Building bridges to tackle social isolation is seen as critical for the Bollington-based Bridgend Centre, particularly as we emerge from coronavirus restrictions. 

Centre Manager, Rebecca Lea, updated local MP, David Rutley, on a recent visit to the Centre on all that she and the team – both staff and volunteers – are doing to keep in touch with often vulnerable local residents during the pandemic and beyond. 

The Centre’s “Bridging Social Isolation” newsletter is emailed to 500 people with 100 hard copy versions being hand delivered to another 100 and is an important source of local news and advice for its readers.

The newsletter has been circulated every week during the pandemic but even though public health restrictions have been relaxed, the newsletter will continue to go out on a fortnightly basis.

During his visit, David saw a stream of customers using the shop and enjoying teas, coffees and nibbles out on the veranda.

The Centre’s “Roadmap to Recovery” now means people can attend their Wednesday Walks without a booking being required and more indoor activities are being made available at the Centre from September.

David saw the workshop being used by local woodworking volunteers making handcrafted wooden products, such as bird feeding tables, that are available for sale in the charity shop. Bespoke items, including tables and outdoor planters, can be crafted on request and the team also turn their hand to repairs.

Fundraising initiatives continue to be an important priority and The Bridgend team have seen real successes over recent months – most notably their sponsored hill race when attendees, dressed as superheroes, braved the heavy rain to raise over £3,000!  

After his visit, David said, “Rebecca and the team at the Bridgend Centre do invaluable work in the community. The “Bridging Social Isolation” newsletter is just one example of how they have worked hard to support local residents in and around Bollington over the pandemic. As Patron, I am very proud of all that this active local charity is doing to help so many isolated and vulnerable people in our community – let’s do all we can to support the Bridgend Centre in its inspiring work.” 

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