Warning to young drivers

As young people from across the county return to university, college or start their careers Cheshire Police is warning them that drink driving will not be tolerated in Cheshire.As part of Alcohol Week of Action, which runs from 15 to 19 September, officers are warning young drivers about the dangers of drink driving and the effect it can have on their futures.Roads Policing Inspector Richard Hill said: “When young people are learning to drive they learn about driving behaviour and what is acceptable and what is not, and it is worrying to find any driver at this age that has chosen to ′Totally Waste′ their time and money on learning to drive displaying disturbing behaviour so soon after being taught the rights and wrongs of road safety.

“Anyone who is caught drink driving faces losing their licence, a large fine and going to court. This could have a big impact upon their life and may affect their employment or future careers.

“More and more employers now require their employees to undertake criminal records checks, so if you have got a criminal record for drink driving then they may be less likely to employ you.”

So far this year 229 young drivers between the age of 17 and 25 have chosen to gamble with their lives and did not heed the police message that drinking and driving will not be tolerated in Cheshire.

Inspector Liz Cunningham from the force collision investigation team added: “Cheshire Police have seen too many young people lose their lives or end up with serious injuries when they had made the wrong decision to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol.

“My team has to deal with serious and fatal collisions caused by drink driving on a daily basis, and all of these can be prevented.

“As well as appealing to young drivers I would also like to appeal to their parents, who have a responsibility to their offspring and can influence their attitudes to driving by setting their children an example by not getting behind the wheel when they have had a drink.

“I do not want to be sending my officers to their homes to tell them that their son or daughter has died or been seriously injured as a result of drink driving.

“Actions speak louder than words and if young people see their parents adopting a casual attitude to drinking and driving, they are likely to follow a similar approach. If the parents treat the issue seriously, young drivers will too.”

Anyone who suspects a driver is driving under the influence of drink driving is encouraged to call Cheshire Police on 101.


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