Results not rhetoric, pledges Cheshire East Leader

Pledging a focus on “results not rhetoric”, Cheshire & Warrington Economic Prosperity Board has been set up by Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Warrington Borough Councils to drive economic growth.

The board will co-ordinate the three local authority activities and combine resources both human and financial as necessary in order to support economic growth and the activities of Cheshire & Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership (CWLEP).

The Board comprises the three local authority leaders, the chair of CWLEP, supported by the three local authority chief executives and the chief executive of CWLEP together, and the three local authority ‘economic’ directors.

Chairmanship will rotate but the inaugural chair is Michael Jones, leader of Cheshire East Council

Cllr Jones  said: “I am delighted to be announcing this important launch and proud to be taking on the responsibility of being its first chairman.

“Let us be clear, this board is not about rhetoric – it is about results: delivering high-quality jobs and significant, long-term investment across Cheshire and Warrington. That is what motivates my colleagues and I. There has been some great progress in the region, with projects such as HS2 rail hub proposals for the North West taking exciting shape. Now we want to help drive further investment growth and job creation across the region.

“This is not just about single regeneration projects, it is also about raising our sights to become both a magnet and an engine for new investment and innovative industries and technology. Top quality jobs in top quality businesses. Our message is strong and clear: ‘We are open for business – what can we do to help?'”

Cllr Terry O’Neill, Leader of Warrington Borough Council, added: “Although we may have differing political ideals we are united in our ambition for Cheshire & Warrington and in achieving and driving growth and prosperity for the county. The Economic Prosperity Board provides a platform for us to work together to realise that ambition’.”

Christine Gaskell, Chair of the Cheshire & Warrington Enterprise Partnership, said: “The local authorities and the LEP have ambitious plans to grow the Cheshire and Warrington economy by nearly £15bn and we are excited by what we can achieve by working together through the Economic Prosperity Board.”


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