Local MP on call with Community Nurses

Macclesfield MP, David Rutley, has spent a morning working with local Community Nurses to learn more about the important work that they do for local residents.

Starting at Waters Green Medical Centre, David met Rosheen Gillies, District Nurse Team Leader, Karen Sylvester, Community Matron and John Hyde, Wellbeing Coordinator, to find out more about the work being done to support patients, particularly older people, with health challenges in local communities.

Following this meeting, David went out on the road with Rosheen, to shadow her during her patient visits for the morning. They visited a number of people at their homes, who depend on community nurses to provide much needed medical treatments, and they also made a call to Hollins View Nursing Home, where a resident needed dressings to be changed.

With a greater focus being put on treating patients in their own home, the work of community nurses will become increasingly important. The fast-ageing population in Cheshire East requires a more joined up approach in providing health care, involving local GPs, Macclesfield Hospital and social services. Community nurses have a vital role to play as new strategies are developed in the months ahead.

Speaking after the visit, David said, “It was great to have to opportunity to observe the important work done by Community Nurses out in the frontline. They are offering a much appreciated service in the local community, as they take care of patients and also take pressure off the hospital and other local health services. I met with a number of staff and would like to thank them, and every member of the team, for their commitment and their dedicated hard work, no matter what the weather.”

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