Blown away by the Illegal Eagles

I’d seen the Illegal Eagles on a couple of previous occasions – at Buxton Opera House – and been blown away by their incredible musicianship and vocal harmony.
However, my expectations were surpassed last night (Sunday) when something really special happened.
Whether it was the intimacy of the venue – I guess the band being used to playing much larger halls rarely saw the audience – whereas at Gawsworth they played inches away from those dancing front of stage.
Maybe it was the Gawsworth audience – who gave the Illegals a rapturous reception and danced and sang their hearts out in the first session. After the break the atmosphere became even more highly charged when the heavens opened and more water than we’ve seen in months poured down upon those who continued to dance.
I guess it was like a micro Glastonbury – sans the mud.
Whatever it was, we all experienced something really special, a night when both the band and audience pulled out all the stops and cranked everything up – all the way to eleven.
There are some gigs that you’ll remember for many years to come – and this was ‘one of those nights’, when the Illegals took us all ‘to the limit’.
Hell, I even bought a t-shirt!
If the Illegal Eagles come back to Gawsworth next year do whatever you can to get a ticket – but one thing’s for sure – you’ll be behind me in the queue.

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