Stay safe on the roads this Christmas

The annual Christmas Drink Drive crackdown in Cheshire is launched in December each year.  Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service are warning motorists for the festive period is always:  If you’re driving don’t drink! If you plan to have a drink at Christmas, please leave your car at home.

Remember, if you have been out drinking, you may still be affected by alcohol the next day; sleeping, eating, having a shower, drinking a cup of coffee or other ways of ‘sobering up’ will not help – it takes time, so don’t drive!

Driving after drinking can have devastating consequences and can easily result in a loss of life. All too often Cheshire Fire & Rescue attend road traffic incidents which have life changing impacts on families. Please keep yourself, your family and others safe.

Winter driving tips

Here are a few checks that you can do, to make sure your car is ready for winter:

  • Lights – see and be seen. Keep your indicators and headlamps clean and working and carry spare bulbs in the glove box
  • Fuel – stay out the red! A serious traffic jam can easily finish off a near empty tank. Not nice at any time of the year, but potentially deadly in the snow.
  • Windscreen wipers – make sure they’re in working order, your windows are clean and your washer bottle is filled with screen wash.
  • Tyres – check the condition, pressure and depth of your tyres (including the spare). Check tyre tread depth regularly to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.  The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.
  • Brakes – make sure they are working well.
  • Fluids – are topped up to the correct level, including oil, anti-freeze and water
  • Emergency kit – put one in your car just in case you get stranded. Include things such as a phone, medication, a torch, food, extra clothes and blankets

Be prepared for bad weather:

  • Plan your journey before you set off and allow yourself extra time:
  • Check weather reports. Don’t make unnecessary journeys if there are severe weather warnings in place
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to get there
  • Drive carefully and take account of the weather conditions. Leave a greater distance between you and the car in front – remember, it may take up to 10 times longer to stop in some conditions
  • Winter sun – the sun can be dangerous in winter too. Be careful of dazzling rays when you are driving

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