Red means STOP!

Travelling Hibel Road to Hurdsfield Road twice a day I regularly encounter car driving ‘numpties’ at the junction of Hurdsfield Road and Black Lane.

I’m staggered to see that so many of these drivers appear to have difficulty understanding what traffic lights actually indicate.

For their benefit – Amber means Stop – only proceed if it would be dangerous to stop. It doesn’t mean get ready to stop, it doesn’t mean gamble on the amber, it means Stop.

Red means STOP – no exception, But these lunatics actually came out of Black Lane when their traffic lights were showing Red!

If you recognise the vehicles or drivers can you tell them that we reckon they’re not fit to be on the road.

If there are any police officers out there who aren’t currently focussing on speeding – which we know can be a nice earner for them – they may wish to contact the drivers and ask them to retake their driving test – that’s if they ever took one in the first place.

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