Can you deliver Barnaby’s Vision?

The 8th Barnaby Festival 2020 theme is Vision and once again Barnaby is inviting the people who live and work in Macclesfield out to play in a range of high-quality festival arts, inspiring and encouraging creativity.

Macclesfield Barnaby Festival (MBF) are seeking an experienced Festival Operations Manager to join the Festival Team and bring the theme of ‘Vision’ to delivery. 

The Festival Operations Manager will be responsible for operationalising all elements of festival programming, planning and event management and income generation for the 2020 festival.
The successful candidate will join a small but committed team of trustees, volunteers and existing staff of Programming, PR & Artist Liaison and Participation & Learning Coordinator to play a key role in coordinating delivery across the team.

For the full contract see the Barnaby website which includes details of the role, requirements, key skill & requirements

Responses to be received by 9am 14 February 2020

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