TV Licensing scam

Another scam – this one purporting to come from TV Licensing.

You know the drill by now – don’t click on any of the hotlinks and consign it to your junk folder.

And, if you have any vulnerable acquaintances, friends or relatives – let them know.


You are licensed until 7/29/2020 3:30:41 a.m.

Hi (email address)

Due to outdated account details, your licence has been flagged and it will be suspended if no response has been received against this notification. 

It’s important we keep our records up to date. It help us keeping track of our licensee and to perform periodic subscription transaction without interrupting the licence service, saving downtime of our services to users. 

How to update your details:

You can change or update details using this platform. You’ll be required basic identification documents in hand which will help you in updating the profile with authentic official information.

Update now

Whether you’re paying for your TV Licence, setting up a Direct Debit, or updating your details, you can relax in the knowledge that this is a secure website and your personal information is safe with us.

TV ID: qwnofbqkrycjrieukcmmsqdgvusotkqivtkmmyatpsaqtsmkoe

Thank you

TV Licensing

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