Police apprehend suspects

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Now there’s a headline you don’t often see.

Cheshire Constabulary has advised us its “Week of Action” was “a great success with suspects being locked up for a range of offences.”

For the whole of last week (7th – 13th Sept), “officers and staff from local policing units, the Special Constabulary and specialist departments from across the force concentrated their efforts and combined their expertise to track down people suspected of committing crimes in the county.”

Cheshire’s call to action resulted in “A specific list of individuals officers wanted to speak to and had information to deal with” being drawn up.

Can we conclude that such a list of wanted individuals isn’t readily available at all times?

“Across the county shoplifters, burglars and domestic violence perpetrators were arrested alongside those suspected of firearms offences, criminal damage, assault, aggravated burglary and stalking. Seventy-seven were arrested and 50 people voluntarily attended.”

Chief Inspector Sarah Heath, who led on the operation, said: “We went out there furnished with information that would help us track down the suspects and where possible put them before the courts.”

“This is something our officers and staff do every day as part of their daily business but we wanted to highlight to you with our week of action that when we identify those who are a priority for us to find, we have the use of specialist departments to help us in our search. Last week teams across the county worked together and successfully located those who are denying victims the justice they deserve. We will continue to work together to prevent crime, locate suspects and keep you safe.”

We’re guessing things are now back to normal, reported crimes will be ignored and no one will be sought, found, arrested nor charged.

Doesn’t give you much confidence in our police does it.

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