Coronavirus post box taken

A coronavirus post box has been stolen from North Rode.

Cheshire Police were called in after families noticed the designated ‘priority post box’, set up by Royal Mail to help collect completed coronavirus home tests and deliver them to the testing sites, had been removed.

Families living in rural North Rode now face a two-and-a-half mile trip to their nearest priority post box.

PC Jim Clark from the Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team has now warned the theft could prove ‘life or death’ for someone who has taken a test.

The officer said: “It is hard enough to live in a rural community if you do not have access to or the ability to drive a vehicle. 

“Some folks still enjoy the ability to use the more traditional methods of communication they have always used. In these unprecedented times the Royal Mail have created Priority Boxes, these are specifically identified post boxes being used for people at home who need to provide Covid tests for analysis. 

“These boxes have been identified due to the local community needs.

“The theft of this box in North Rode now means the nearest box is over two and a half miles away. This theft whilst may seem insignificant in some people’s eyes could actually be the difference between life and death.”

Anyone who has any information about the location of the stolen post box is asked to contact Cheshire Police on 101.

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