RHS Tatton – day two

The Royal Horticultural Show 2022 at Tatton is one of the most successful yet.

Take a look at just a little of what’s on show this year.

One day may not be enough to get around the showground and see the wide variety of things horticultural – guaranteed to part a gardener with their hard-earned currency.

The show runs until Sunday 24th July.

For full information see: https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-flower-show-tatton-park

Hobbit house or garden room . . . your call
It’s a barbecue Jim, but not as we know it
Now that’s what you call a charcoal oven
Any bird would be proud to call that home
Classy deckchairs
It’s not raining, it’s a water feature
Any ideas?
Yup, it’s a diners cooler

That’s it folks . . . until next year!

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