The Antikythera Mechanism

The next meeting of Macclesfield Lit & Phil is on Thursday 17th November 
starting at 7.30 pm in Macclesfield Library.

Adam Wojcik from University College London talks about the Antikythera 

The remains of this device, found at the site of an ancient ship 
wreck of the Greek island of Antikythera, have been dated to around 100 or 200 

Its complex arrangement of gearing can be used to predict the motions of 
various solar system objects, and it is the most complex known mechanism until 
the development of astronomical clocks in the 14th-century.

Adam is one of the authors of a recent study describing a new reconstruction 
of the device.

The talk will be followed by a brief continuation of the AGM from last month. 
This will complete the presentation of the accounts, consider a few changes to 
the constitution of the society, and fix the subscription rates for the next 

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