Are you using too much water?

United Utilities appear to be targeting some householders accusing them of excessive water usage.

Cenergist/United Utilities have written to homes in Macclesfield offering a ‘free home water audit’

“FREE Home Water Audit – Save Money on your bills!”

The letter states that some households may be using more water than other areas.

“We can see that your area is using more water compared to surrounding areas with similar property types.”

“We have partnered up with Cenergist to offer you a FREE water efficiency device to help you reduce your water consumption and save you money on your household bills.

“The water saving devices we install, will reduce the amount of water wasted in your household making little to no difference to the pressure or flow of water within the property.

“Reducing water wastage can save you money on both your water and energy bills, as well as doing your bit for the environment!”

Although it’s not made clear, if the ‘gadget’ on offer doesn’t affect water flow, we have to assume that what is being offered is a water meter.

The assumption also has to be made that as they don’t appear to be writing to all households – those households don’t have a water meter installed.

Why the letter can’t simply offer to install a water meter is beyond us, but many things are beyond us in this day and age.

Of course we should all do our best to not waste water – but any one with an ounce of intelligence would understand this is the inevitable result of United Utilities failing to invest in new reservoirs, to cope with the inevitable ever-increasing demand, as a result of multiple housing schemes, involving thousands of extra households needing water.

Cenegist is a company offering heat-pump installation. Our own investigations lead us to believe that the cost of heat pumps is currently not only excessive, but the technology fails to provide adequate heating if used as a sole source of household heating.

So it could be a case of Cenergist getting it’s corporate foot in your door in an effort to up-sell.

If you’re in the loop and know different we’d love to hear from you.

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