The email scammers are at it again

The sole aim of this email – from First Direct Bank –  is to part you from your hard-earned funds – so keep your wits about you at all times!

This scammer purports to be from First National Bank, curiously the sender is revealed as – which I’m guessing isn’t an authentic First Direct bank email address.

In addition, perhaps unsurprisingly, we don’t bank with First Direct, but a percentage of those in receipt of the scam email certainly will.

These days no bank or building society will ever email you asking for any sort of information – more’s to the point virtually all we come into contact with, address you with your given name.

If you’re in regular contact with a bank, the safest method is to save the correct URL for their website in your browser – then always use this to contact them.

Never, ever, respond by clicking on an email hotlink.

If you have vulnerable members of your family, or friends that could be taken in, tell them to be on their guard.

Keep safe.

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