Another day, another scam

Hot on the heels of the First Direct Bank scam, a DHL one arrived.

We always consign them to a Junk folder, but there must be hundreds of would be scammers out there, maybe they trade the scams in a sort of Top Trumps for Scammers?

As always, the email’s sole aim is to gain access to your bank account and part you from your hard-earned funds – so keep your wits about you at all times!

This scammer purports to be from DHL, advising us to update our delivery address to enable them to deliver a package. The only delivery emanating from this one will the huge shock when your bank account is found to have been cleaned out.

Never, ever, respond by clicking on an email hotlink.

If you have vulnerable members of your family, or friends that could be taken in, tell them to be on their guard.

Stay safe out there.

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