Council bungle fails to halt phone mast

Despite a massive protest from local residents which resulted in Cheshire East Council’s refusal of planning permission – work has commenced on installing a telephone mast on Pennington’s Lane, Gawsworth.

It appears that Cheshire East failed to notify the applicants within a 56 day timeframe – you heard that right 56 days! Nearly two months!

Defending their (in)action Cheshire East state they did write to the applicants within the allowed time frame – but unfortunately for the residents the letter was sent second class!

We have to assume that the Council didn’t think it advisable to send such an important document by recorded delivery.

We’d be happy to hear from local residents with their thoughts –

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  1. Brian

    June 12, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Posting such an important document by second class post, after the company involved admit they have used this legal loop hole before of receiving a written response from a council late by a single day, is more than incompetent, and beggars belief.
    I have asked our local councillor to find out what date CEC actually received the planning request from Harlequin, whom I am led to understand is acting on behalf of EE, which started the clock running.
    Having been involved in planning issues before, I now do not always believe what is said or written, without suitable confirmation!

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